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A Persian heroic legend in universal language.
For children from 5 -11 years.

Direction Brian Bell (US)
Dramaturgy/Concept Julie Paucker (CH/DE)
Artistic production management Eric Nikodym (DE)
Hospitancy/mimic coaching Lukas Larcher (CH)
With Gulab Jan Bamik (AF), Abdul Mahfoz Nejrabi (AF), Sulaiman Sohrab Salem (AF)

Three young Afghan men enter a kindergarten/classroom. They meet children. The men are strangers; they speak a language that most of the children have never heard. They cannot understand each other. The three men want to tell the children a tale: the story of Rostam and Sohrab. It is one of the most famous heroic legends of the Persian cultural region.

In Afghanistan, every child knows who the heroes Rostam and Sohrab are. Since the children are unable to understand their language, the three men have to be inventive and play, sing and act out the story. Fortunately, they are actors––they will find a way to communicate with the children. In the end, the children will have understood the story of Rostam and Sohrab, the men will no longer be strangers, and neither will Rostam and Sohrab.

The double premiere took place successfully at Kinderland Bummi, Weimar Nord (GER) and at Kinderhaus Weimar (GER). The production can still be booked.