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a transnational project by Julie Paucker & Robert Schuster

Director Robert Schuster
Stage and costumes Eva-Maria van Acker
Text & Dramaturgy Julie Paucker
Sound Design Max Bauer
Artistic collaboration Martin Gruber
With Matthias Breitenbach, Ahmad Nasir Formuli, Matthias Hejnar, Thaïs Lamothe, Céline Martin-Sisteron, Stefanie Mrachacz, Alexandre Ruby, Jonas Schlagowsky, Romaric Séguin, Elke Wieditz

After the Paris bombings and the rise of Islamophobic demonstrations in Germany, director Robert Schuster invited theaters on both sides of the Rhine to question European values. When an attack was committed on the Afghan theater group AZDAR in Kabul during a performance, the KULA Compagnie with its German and French players invited these endangered artists to participate in a project that was supposed to celebrate intercultural encounters. The idea was to demonstrate that the coexistence of different cultures, languages and religions (in Europe) could work.

Unfortunately, the entry of the Afghan colleagues was prevented by the German authorities, so that their absence became an integral part of the work. After all, this difficult process also made visible exactly what was happening in Europe: in politics, in society and in ourselves.
The decision not to depart from the initial approach, but to make the absence of the Afghan artists perceptible in the piece, generated a collective force that carried the participants to the next project, this time WITH the Afghan artists.

Production Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar (GER), KULA Compagnie, Kunstfest Weimar (GER)

Co-production Theater Freiburg (GER), Schauspielhaus Bochum (GER), Kurtheater Baden (CH), Theater Chur (CH), La Filature, Scène National - Mulhouse (FR), AZA Nizi Mama (FR), AZDAR Theatre (AF)

Supported by JTN - Jeune Théâtre National (FR), Kulturstiftung des Bundes (GER), Freunde des DNT (GER), Flemish Government (BE), Goethe-Institut (GER).

A grandly choreographed barrage of texts poured down from the stage. With "Kula - to Europe" the troupe broke through time and space and easily conjured up theatrical magic.

Bündner Tagblatt. 31.10.2016, Carsten Michels

A great force arises from doubting and hesitating, hoping and dreaming. Under Robert Schuster's direction, this force allows ten actors from France, Germany and Afghanistan to become an ensemble as if it were a matter of course, a company that is ready to imagine a common world on one stage.

Thüringische Landeszeitung, 3.9.2016, Michael Helbing

The piece is strongest when it becomes personal. When Nasir Formuli [...] tells about the attack of the Taliban on his theater in Kabul and that he has not been able to remember any texts since then. When a French colleague reports about the silence in her neighborhood after the attack in Paris. 

Mannheimer Morgen, 3.9.2016, Ute Grundmann

The theater evening is stirring because there is a lot of fear and little confidence involved. Too much fear? Too little confidence? Life must go on, even in times of upheaval. 

Freie Presse, 3.9.2016, Michael Plothe