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A musical discourse theater piece by Max Martens & Jana Papenbroock and the Afghan theater collective AZDAR/Parwaz
In Persian, with German, English and Arabic surtitles.

Production Max Martens
Text/Concept Jana Papenbroock
Costume design Nastassia Volkus
Props Sulaiman Sohrab Salem
Translations Soraya Adambakan, Jana Papenbroock, Douraid Rahhal
Project Management Julia Haebler
With Gulab Jan Bamik, Sayed Edris Fakhri, Abdul Mahfoz Nejrabi, Sulaiman Sohrab Salem, Homan Wesa

The premise of the project was to bring European cultural worlds into refugee centers, and to address the clash of cultures.
UFA - Upset Feminists of Afghanistan is a group of feminist men from Afghanistan who demand the impossible: the abolition of capitalist patriarchy, the feminization of politics, economy and culture, a new Afghan feminist etiquette. Their strategy: to use critical theory and puppetry to achieve the total upheaval of phallic conditions.

Performances Heimathafen Neukölln Berlin (GER). Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam/Refugee Club (GER), Unterkunft für geflüchtete Familien der Volkssolidarität e.V. Berlin (GER)