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Performance im Großen Wasserspeicher Berlin


Elena BECHTER, Marianne CORNIL, Hadar DIMAND, GAO Tian, Mia LEHRICKE, LIU Chao,
Jonas SCHLAGOWSKY, Sebastian SCHNEIDER, Alexander WANG, WANG Yanan

Regie TIAN Gebing
Artistic Direction Martin GRUBER
Choreography WANG Yanan
Stage and Space Sascha GROSS
Light Karel DE WITT, Sascha GROSS
Interactive Sculpture Michael VOGEL
Costumes LI Sichi
Audio engineering Mareike TRILLHAAS, WU Jiayi
Dramaturgy Liu Chao, Alexander WAGNER
Camera HUA Dong, WANG Changpeng
Editing Terrence Lee

Three renowned international theatre groups - Paper Tiger, KULA Compagnie and Kulturbetrieb Birach - unite for an installative performance, site-specific for the Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg. They join also to hold a rite of passage for the neighbourhood community. The point of departure is a wish of healing, in response to the pressure imposed by a globalised pandemic, where borders segregate and physical gathering is deemed a risk. It is time. Artists must take responsibilities for an emotional as well as physical reflection on the systematical errs that the crisis has exposed. Aufhebung is a creative response to Quarantäne. Aufhebung addresses the physical, but also spiritual and political, syndromes.

Taking the Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg is a decision based on its historical assets and symbolic qualities – the fluidity of water and the drought in the Speicher. The decision is also inspired by the international community life that is organic to its surroundings. The three artist groups are made of artists that are multi-lingual and of diverse cultural backgrounds, from German speaking countries, from Sinophone regions, from the Hebrew speaking land and so on. They are inhabitants of the community. Their studios are also located in the community. The vigour of such mobility points to a desire towards Aufhebung in everyday time and everyday experience.

The project proposes an immersive experience based on the four rings and one tower in the architectural structure of the Große Wasserspeicher, and an imaginative equivalent to the five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Performance will be devised at the entrance to the building and the openings that lead to each ring space, as facilitators to support the visitors’ own experience of the propensity of being. In this installative performance, the bodily presence of the participants get highlighted, guided, supported and intensified. A visitor does not stand on the side and watch. Through choreographed spaces, tempos and sounds, one returns to the body here and now in the Wasserspeicher and in the streets. One will be immersed in their introspection and extrospection. One experiences the body as home.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, public health has been under threat. There has been growing state intervention in the private sphere and escalating displacement of the body as home. Digital contact has reshaped the perception of physical contact and the experience of senses. The plurality, intensity and richness of the body must be reminded. Awakening is Aufhebung. The body returns home only when the disease is lifted.

The project is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste and in collaboration with the Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg. The performances were scheduled for the end of this June. As other projects affected by the pandemic, the realisation of the project is rescheduled to the beginning of September. We are going to improve the realisation into two versions, live and filmed, so that apart from being presented in the community we can also share the documented situation to more places and situations.