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by Nasir Formuli
A movement theater with puppets, masks and live music.
Rumi Balkhy company and AZDAR theatre / parwaz puppet theatre.
In Persian and German language with German surtitles

Concept/Direction Nasir Formuli (AF)
Costumes Team
Puppet construction Karin Tiefensee, Nasir Formuli (AF)
Stage Ingo Mewes, Nasir Formuli (AF)
Dramaturgy Felix Mayer Christian
Music Michaela Bangemann
With Gulab Jan Bamik, Said Edris Fakhri, Abdul Mahfoz Nejrabi, Sulaiman Sohrab Salem, Homan Wesa

"My last memory right before losing my eyes has been my best friend torn into pieces by the explosion."

The project tells the tragic and true story of 19-year-old Afghan soldier Najibullah Sais, who loses his right eye during a high-risk mission to a Taliban hideout. Although Najibullah is in danger of losing his second eye as well unless he is taken to Iran or Pakistan for surgery, the government refuses to provide him with any assistance. The young soldier's fate exemplifies the situation of countless soldiers, police officers and other security personnel in the country.

Together with his theater group AZDAR/Parwaz from Kabul, which is in Germany for the first time as part of the Transit Europa project, Nasir Formuli asks eight basic political questions about his country of origin and attempts to convey what life in Afghanistan currently feels like.

Production Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin / bat Studiotheater (GER)

Cooperation Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar (GER), KULA Compagnie, Kunstfest Weimar (GER)