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Tahera Rezaie
Tahera Rezaie began her career in the performing arts at Simorgh Theater in 2010. She was so enthusiastic that her first amateur attempt earned her second place in the short film category at the Street Children Festival. She then began working on several theater plays, including "Stones and Mirrors" in 2012, "In the Color of the Sound" in 2013, and "Contradiction" in 2014. She also took part in multiple film and theater festivals in Afghanistan, as well as international ones such as the Baharat Rang Festival in India and a festival in Iran. She volunteered as a performer and teacher for street children and orphans at Kabul Circus and a private orphanage in her final years before the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Following the fall of Kabul, she fled to Iran and is currently living in Tehran.
Production Underground Birds, a co-production of Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen (IT),
KULA Compagnie, Hålogaland Teater Tromsø (NO) and Simorgh Theater, Herat (AF).