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LIU Chao
performance artist, translator, curator
was born in Tianjin (CN), lives in Berlin (DE)

Coming from a journalistic background, Liu took part in the performative research “New Common Theatre” (2013) on mass manufacturing, industrial spaces and labour in ten cities. Member of theatre collective Paper Tiger since 2015, Liu performs and researches in different forms of projects, such as 500 Meters: Kafka, Great Wall or Images from Unreal World and Daily Heroism (theatre, exhibition /DE,CN), Rewriting Theatre History (manifesto, exhibition, festival /CN), BB+(network /CN,DE,AT,PL), Infection, State of Emergency, Beethoven (theatre /DE,CN), etc. In context of performance art Liu realised On Schillerpromenade (DE), Imperial Lunch (CN), 100 WORKING DAYS (UK), Skin (CN,UK,DE,SP,IT,AT), etc
Liu experimented with Benjamin Teare on Huo Dong Fang / Moving House (CN), an attempted artist co-op.

刘超 表演者、翻译、策划。2013年参与表演性研究项目新共同剧场,走访十城市调研及表演,项目关注大规模制造、工业空间和劳工情况。2015年起在纸老虎不同形式的项目里表演和调研,如《500米:卡夫卡、长城、来自不真实世界的图像和日常生活中的英雄主义》(剧场作品、展览)《重写剧场史》(展览、事件)“BB+”(表演网络)《感染、紧急状态和贝多芬》(剧场作品)等。作品有《在席勒大道上》《午膳》《100个工作日》《皮肤》等。曾与Benjamin Teare协作艺术自治空间“活动房”。